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We Help You Find The Relief You Deserve

We proudly offer a 5% discount to all first responders, healthcare providers, and military personnel.

Consistently rated as the best Ketamine Clinic in Los Angeles, we at NeuroRelief™ believe that each client deserves an individualized treatment approach; tailored to their specific needs. Our highly skilled and specialized team, led by our Board-Certified Anesthesiologist, provides a concierge-like approach to ensure that each client benefits from an ideal experience. Real-time adjustment and optimization of every infusion treatment is customized to each client’s unique neurology, psychology, physiology and tolerances. In addition, all programs at NeuroRelief™ are “fully integrated.” Thus, we help each client utilize their treatment opportunity to achieve a renewed relationship with the beautiful world around them, one stimuli at a time.

Each of our treatment programs is “fully integrated.” This means that we include, in every single treatment protocol:
  • A 2-hour, in-depth, and personalized intake with Dr. Austin Harris, on your first treatment day. This is a wonderful opportunity for the physician that is leading your care to learn more about your individual needs and goals.  This valuable time lets your doctor learn how to best tailor the therapeutic approach to you, specifically, and to be the best guide possible for you through your journey of growth and healing 
  • Onsite, pre-and-post-infusion emotional integration sessions with Dr. Harris
  • Customized ketamine infusions with the specific evidence-based protocol that is best for you.  NeuroRelief™ offers several ketamine protocols and infusion duration options.  Different approaches are suited for different client needs and situations. Each infusion is then dosed and adjusted, in real-time, to achieve our client’s ideal experiences.  Constant attention to detail tailors each session to that unique client’s specific neurology, psychology, personality, physiology, and tolerance levels.
  • CBT (cognitive behavior technique) and Mindfulness training program with daily exercises & meditations
  • 24/7 access directly to Dr. Harris, for personal treatment guidance and support, via phone/text/email
  • Five(5) 1-hour, one-on-one integration therapy sessions with your personal Certified Integration and Recovery Coach between treatment days
We are blessed to partner with each client in their journey to regain their rightful joys of daily living. It is our honor to build these trusting relationships with every single client and support them in their personal growth throughout their entire program! There is simply no other program in the country that invests as much time and attention to detail as NeuroRelief™. Our clients rave about receiving immediate and long-lasting benefits for mood and physical well-being, as our exceptional team gives you the care and attention that you deserve.

What Is Ketamine Treatment?

Ketamine, as a medication, has been utilized for over 50 years, and is used in a wide variety of medical settings including proven ketamine treatments for depression, neurologic and mood irregularities, chronic pain syndromes, and substance abuse dependancy.  It has been used in hospitals for the past several decades and has been shown to be remarkably safe.  Ketamine’s action at its specific receptors makes it totally unique.  Most importantly, these effects are non-addictive.

Imaging and electron microscopy describes the suffering human brain contains neurons that appear like leafless trees.  After ketamine infusion therapy, these brain cells “bloom” to life, demonstrating regeneration of neural pathways and synapses.

The Ketamine Experience

Our clients consistently describe a rewarding, dissociative feeling during their ketamine experiences. We each enter into a calm, open, soothing, and contemplative state of being. The deep healing of this liberating experience allows each individual’s subconscious emotional conflict processing systems to safely offload their burdens, and to openly reconnect in a warm, comforting and soulful manner. This calm continues into their daily lives long after the infusion has finished.

Ketamine has been shown to significantly diminish, if not completely relieve, suicidal impulses, major depressive episodes, severe acute and chronic pain, elevated anxiety/PTSD symptoms, and substance abuse dependency.

Conditions We Successfully Treat With Ketamine:

We Offer Ketamine Infusions for These Conditions

Ketamine, as a medication, has been utilized for over 50 years and is used in a wide variety of medical settings including proven ketamine treatments for depression, neurologic and mood irregularities, chronic pain syndromes, and substance abuse dependency.


Evidence-based ketamine treatments for depression gives patients the fastest results of any known therapy.


Ketamine treatments, along with ongoing therapy to manage anxiety, can help each patient to lessen the impact of anxiety.


Ketamine allows a patient to find peace between their past trauma and their present state of being.


Ketamine targets glutamate synapses and has been shown to be incredibly effective at decreasing the severity and frequency of migraines.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine acts directly on the NMDA and multiple other receptors. This resets our nervous system to significantly relieve chronic pain.

Substance Abuse

With Ketamine Therapy (and NAD+), our clients can limit or eliminate the physical and psychological craving for alcohol or illicit substances.

What Experts Are Saying About Ketamine Therapy Treatments

NAD+ IV Therapy

NAD (or NAD+) therapy is a natural infusion that is delivered through an IV, with or without another infusion like ketamine or micronutrients. Reduced fatigue, clearer focus and cognition, improved mood, easier substance/alcohol abuse recovery, increased energy, and better athletic performance are among the many benefits of IV NAD infusion therapy.

NAD treatment is so effective because NAD is an essential molecule in the body’s core energy-making mechanism. By supplementing NAD directly to the bloodstream, NAD therapy gets to the bottom of many medical conditions to improve health.

Micronutrient IV Therapy

At NeuroRelief™, we are pleased to announce the development of our groundbreaking IV Micronutrient formulas. Our proprietary vitamin, mineral, and amino acid replacement treatments are designed to target stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and many other real-world situations.

Optimal brain function and overall physical health have always been our primary objectives at NeuroRelief™. All of our proprietary IV formulations, despite each having a specific focus, are designed to improve energy, reduce inflammation, increase focus and cognition, replenish hydration, and support the immune system.

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma)

Intramuscular or intra-articular (inside the joint) PRP injections create regenerative healing for many physical ailments and pain syndromes. In PRP processing, we isolate a small part of our own blood content.

This is an ultra-concentrate of stem cell recruitment factors, growth factors, white blood cells, and other regenerative proteins.

This is then combined with our proprietary activation formula, which releases these regenerative proteins into their active form, allowing clients to experience immediate benefits after re-injection. Results include pain relief, increased mobility, and accelerated healing times from injury. 

Patient Testimonials

Real People, Real Results

Dr. Harris is an incredibly intelligent man who I trust implicitly. I suffer from an autoimmune disorder and Ketamine has given me the most relief out of any treatment and I feel pain free for weeks after. I highly recommend going to Neuro Relief. They are the BEST. The staff… read more

Jess L. Avatar
Jess L.

I am grateful every day that I found Dr. Harris and NeuroRelief. I felt like I was being provided with an incredibly high level of personalized care. Even after my treatment program was over, Dr. Harris and his office continued to check in with me. I had… read more

Mike M. Avatar
Mike M.

I am beyond grateful to have found Neurorelief and to their entire staff. I found neurorelief a few months ago during a very low period. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and ptsd for many years and have done a lot of therapy and alternative treatments. It’s been a little over… read more

Eloisa R. Avatar
Eloisa R.

My first contact with Dr. Austin Harris at NeuroRelief was to get treatment for a family member suffering from severe depression: different medications, psychiatrists, and even TMS did nothing. After the first Ketamine infusion, the dark clouds and suicidal thoughts vanished. We are four months out, and she is thriving… read more

Eric B. Avatar
Eric B.

Dr. Harris and his staff at NeuroRelief set the gold standard for ketamine treatment. Over the last couple of years I have tried ketamine sublingually, intramuscularly, and intravenously to treat lifelong depression and anxiety. All of the positive research around use of ketamine for this purpose demonstrates that IV administration… read more

N. S. Avatar
N. S.

Dr. Harris is truly a remarkable doctor. His exceptional level of care and knowledge sets him apart. He takes the time to explain procedures thoroughly and remains by your side through every step of the journey. Dr. Harris’s unwavering support and round-the-clock availability demonstrate his dedication to his patients, a… read more

Marianna E. Avatar
Marianna E.


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