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Austin Harris, MD

Dr Harris by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Austin Harris, MD

NeuroRelief™ Founder and Anesthesiologist

Dr. Austin Harris is a board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist. He completed his Anesthesiology residency at the University of California Irvine (UCI), and his Cardio-Thoracic Anesthesiology Fellowship at Keck Hospital of USC. Even before beginning his private practice, Dr. Harris was finding that ketamine, a rarely used anesthetic tool, could have profoundly positive outcomes when utilized with specific patients.

This sparked his in-depth research of ketamine’s previously obscure properties, and its remarkable potential in treating patients suffering from mental health, chronic pain, and addiction struggles. Dr. Harris focused first on surgical patients presenting with unique mood, pain, and opioid dependency.

Then, after perfecting these techniques at medical offices across southern California, Dr. Harris formed NeuroRelief™ Ketamine & Infusion Therapy (Sherman Oaks, CA) to bring these successful results to the entire patient population. This much-needed service is now benefiting thousands of clients across the world.

Yunus Badat by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Yunus Badat

Director of Operations

Casey Cohen by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Casey Cohen, MA

Patient Care Coordinator

Emma Walgren by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Emma Walgren, RN

Chief Clinical Nurse

Natalie by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Natalie Bayan, RN

Clinical Nurse

Alexis Gross

Alexis Gross profile pic 1 by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Alexis Gross

Certified Integration & Recovery Coach

Alexis is a certified Psychedelic Integration & Addiction Recovery Coach through Being True to You, as well as a Certified Life Coach through Inner Glow Circle and Certified Holistic Health Coaching through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

After experiencing severe depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder in her 20s, she left her career in consulting in 2013 to dedicate herself to supporting people on their inner healing journeys. She has since worked in the wellness space, during which she has acted as COO of Huma Rising, an app for subconscious healing; the founder and owner of Studio Ohana, a yoga & wellness studio in the Bahamas; an Executive Director of Inner Glow Circle, a Life Coach Training Company; and a Life Coach in her private practice. 

Trevor Wakem

Alexis Gross profile edited 1 by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Trevor Wakem

Certified Integration & Recovery Coach

Life is a trip… Learn how to fall. 

Throughout my journey I have fallen many times. I’ve been tripped up by my unconscious behaviors, deeply rooted patterns, karmas and familial patterning. In my experience, these forms of suffering have also manifested as addictions, depression, codependency and the lack of a developed sense of self. Some falls are harder than others. Through a spiritual perspective, each fall has meaning and presents new (or often old) information. My falls have provided me the opportunity to observe the unhealthy coping mechanisms I developed as a child. I learned how to use this material to fuel my personal transformation and growth. Through this I witnessed my resilience and found authenticity underneath my pain and suffering. As a psychedelic integration and psychospiritual coach, my role is to attune to your unique experience and walk with you through the stories of the mansion of your soul. Together we will shine light into dark areas. I will provide support and guidance while you acknowledge, honor and metabolize your pain. 

We Are Here Because We Care

Every client at NeuroRelief™ is independently assessed by combining objective tools with detailed phone and in-person consultations (and also with their loved ones). Dr. Harris takes a very unique approach with his clients. He believes in a “one-size-fits-one” approach to care. Utilizing CBT/Mindfulness, tailored guidance, emotional integration and constant communication Dr. Harris is able to customize each infusion protocol, and these additional resources, for every client.

Dr. Harris is personally involved in every single treatment session, with every single client. This unique dedication creates a very valuable relationship with each individual patient. This allows a high degree of customization to ensure that each patient receives the perfect dosing regimen and experience

Every single infusion we offer is “titrated in real-time.” This means that there is never a “set it and forget it” approach. We adjust and dial-in to each individual client’s unique neurology, psychology, personality, physiology, and tolerance levels throughout every treatment. In other words, no two treatment plans are ever identical, because no two people are the same. Every treatment day also contains one-on-one emotional integration work with Dr. Harris, before and after each ketamine infusion. In addition, Dr. Harris is available, directly to our clients, 24/7. This is an unheard of level of concierge support that has empowered our clients to reach amazing growth and wellness goals, and also learn how to maintain these gains for the long term!

By maintaining a large network of personally vetted physicians, including psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, pain management doctors, physical therapists, addiction recovery specialists, holistic wellness experts, and many others, Dr. Harris can combine his therapies with these additional resources, according to the needs of each client.

He believes strongly in the Integrative Medicine approach of mind and body, assisting each client in creating a personalized care plan, to optimize each client’s progress towards their desired goals. This is what NeuroRelief™ is all about! Dr. Harris often states that “we are outcome-driven and goal-oriented”. This careful attention to detail, by Dr. Harris and his entire care team, achieves maximal benefit and success for each individual client.

Client Testimonials

Real People, Real Results

I had a wonderful experience here. I was in a very dark period and I noticed a significant improvement in my mood and outlook from my six infusions. The staff was attentive and warm. Dr. Harris was very knowledgeable and extremely kind. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who… read more

Daniel P. Avatar
Daniel P.

NeuroRelief has helped save my life. I was very much in crisis and stuck in a depressive cycle with no way out in sight. The best way I felt I could deal with this was through completely avoiding my feelings via drugs and alcohol. I was sick of feeling this… read more

Gabe K. Avatar
Gabe K.

Neuro Relief is an oasis of a clinic that offers a perfect blend of evidence-based, scientifically-proven depression treatment, mixed with mindfulness, meditation, and a willingness to be open to new perspectives and experiences. The staff is deeply committed to providing terrific care. They treated me like a VIP, and I’m… read more

JGL l. Avatar
JGL l.

The short version: We are MOVING TO L.A. to be closer to this clinic. Yes, they’re THAT good. The longer version: My husband has had CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Type 1 since the end of 2017. CRPS, officially, is “incurable” and “the most painful condition known to medicine.”… read more

Marissa B. Avatar
Marissa B.

NeuroRelief help set me on the right path. I was going through it, addiction, depression, anxiety, you name it, and I went into this clinic and came out of the full treatment feeling much more motivated, grateful, and optimistic. Not only do they have excellent ketamine treatment, but they have… read more

Arturo H. Avatar
Arturo H.

Please do yourself a tremendous favor and give yourself a wonderful gift by getting help from NeuroRelief. I’ve been having incredible breakthroughs and have discovered access to grounds I didn’t even know existed. The clarity I am getting and the clear terrific changes to my nervous system have been invaluable…. read more

Josh R. Avatar
Josh R.

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