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Integration of Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy is quickly becoming a widespread and transformative tool for healing, and is already being used to help those struggling with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar depression, postpartum depression, substance abuse recovery, and a litany of chronic pain and autoimmune indications (with a confidant 83% success rate at NeuroRelief™ Ketamine & Infusion Therapy).

Not only is it effective in rewiring the brain at the neurochemical level, it also has the potential to help clients heal past traumas, create awareness around unhealthy behaviors and patterns, and act as a catalyst for profound change in one’s quality of life experience.

Working with an integration coach can help clients to identify patterns, attachments & challenging emotions; learn how to sit with and process their feelings & emotions in a healthy way; examine their daily routines & lifestyle and identify where they can implement healthy changes; and more.

Each one of us is surrounded by so many beautiful, fulfilling, satisfying and healthy stimuli, every day. Proper integration allows us to reconnect to, and re-discover, the benefits of these stimuli, and improve our personal relationship with our environment. These techniques encourage the emergence of our innately joyful selves.

become the best verion of you recovery coaching by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Coaching is a client-guided process, and our coaches meet the client wherever they are in their individual journey.  Preparation helps clients prepare for their journey mentally, emotionally and physically so they can best navigate the experience itself, as well as the insights and potential challenges that may arise afterwards.  By preparing ahead of time for potential obstacles to healing and growth that may arise, the opportunity for lasting change is much greater.  

NeuroRelief™’s preparation session includes:

  • Setting intentions and gaining a deeper understanding of the client’s “why” for undergoing treatment 
  • Helping the client get clarity on how they would like their life to look and feel after treatment 
  • Exploring some of the personal themes that may come up during the journey 
  • Learning how to navigate the ketamine treatment (tips and techniques to stay grounded and curious within treatment sessions)

Integration extends the insights gleaned in treatment into actionable change and, ultimately, embodied wisdom.  Without integrating the experience, true change is more likely to be short-lived, as it is common to return to old habits, behaviors, and patterns of thinking. 

NeuroRelief™’s integration sessions include:

  • Space to process anything that arose in the journey with a trained psychedelic coach, which can help clients:
  • Glean insights and connections into what is revealed during the treatments 
  • Better understand how what arises during the journey often holds meaningful keys into how we can shift our outlook, behaviors and patterns
  • Additional emotional releasing and unburdening (using the Internal Family Systems model and Heart-Centered Communication)
  • Support and accountability to create small but actionable lifestyle shifts in alignment with insights gleaned during and after sessions
  • A birthing, or recovery, of each client’s ability to find a peaceful, empowered, grateful, connected, and sustainable relationship with the world around them

Our Coaches

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Alexis Gross

Alexis is a certified Psychedelic Integration & Addiction Recovery Coach through Being True to You, as well as a Certified Life Coach through Inner Glow Circle and Certified Holistic Health Coaching through Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

After experiencing severe depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder in her 20s, she left her career in consulting in 2013 to dedicate herself to supporting people on their inner healing journeys. She has since worked in the wellness space, during which she has acted as COO of Huma Rising, an app for subconscious healing; the founder and owner of Studio Ohana, a yoga & wellness studio in the Bahamas; an Executive Director of Inner Glow Circle, a Life Coach Training Company; and a Life Coach in her private practice. 

Along her personal healing journey, she has come to find that the most difficult and painful experiences in her life have become the deepest blessings, bringing her closer to who she really is, and allowing her to live authentically and with true purpose.  Her personal mission is to create a safe and compassionate space where people can work through the hardships and suffering inherent in life in order to grow into who they are capable of becoming.  

Alexis has a deep passion for psychedelics and their healing potential and believes that,  when supported through a personal, compassionate, and intentional preparation & integration process, these medicines possess the capacity to catalyze major life transformations.  In 2021, she expanded her offering to include psychedelic preparation and integration coaching.  She has since been supporting clients using ketamine for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety through her previous position as an Integration Coach at Mindbloom, as well as supporting clients using a variety of psychedelic medicines for personal transformation and spiritual growth in her private practice.

In her psychedelic preparation and integration coaching work, she includes methods such as:

  • Traditional life coaching techniques.  These include intention and goal setting, holding space for the client to process their experience, active listening, asking powerful questions, reflection, accountability, and more.
  • Mindfulness and somatic techniques.  These include mindfulness techniques, breathwork, body scans, awareness of bodily sensations, breath, and more.  These techniques not only set the groundwork for a consistent daily meditative practice but allow the client to reconnect with, ground into, and listen to their bodies, both within and outside of the ketamine sessions.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS).  IFS is a technique that recognizes that each of us has various sub-personalities or parts of our psyches, referred to as “parts.”  As we experience traumas of all sizes, particularly in our youth, these parts take on burdens or roles that often create less-than-ideal beliefs, patterns, or ways of being within us.  IFS allows us to access these parts subconsciously, thereby helping us to unburden them, heal our internal system, unblock obstacles we may be facing, and move forward in creating an intentional life.  
  • Heart-centered communication.  This technique is a powerful form of uncovering beliefs from childhood and the patterns that stem from those beliefs.  By revisiting the memories or moments during which those feelings began, the client is able to re-parent themselves and begin to heal the root emotions.

In addition to her work as a coach, Alexis has completed over 1,000 hours of yoga and meditation training, with advanced studies under Sri Dharma Mittra at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York.  She also holds a Masters’s in International Relations & International Economics from Johns Hopkins University SAIS, and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Spanish from the College of Charleston.

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Trevor Wakem

Life is a trip… Learn how to fall. 

Throughout my journey I have fallen many times. I’ve been tripped up by my unconscious behaviors, deeply rooted patterns, karmas and familial patterning. In my experience, these forms of suffering have also manifested as addictions, depression, codependency and the lack of a developed sense of self. Some falls are harder than others. Through a spiritual perspective, each fall has meaning and presents new (or often old) information. My falls have provided me the opportunity to observe the unhealthy coping mechanisms I developed as a child. I learned how to use this material to fuel my personal transformation and growth. Through this I witnessed my resilience and found authenticity underneath my pain and suffering. As a psychedelic integration and psychospiritual coach, my role is to attune to your unique experience and walk with you through the stories of the mansion of your soul. Together we will shine light into dark areas. I will provide support and guidance while you acknowledge, honor and metabolize your pain. 

I believe we can create a version of ourselves that is untrue, a false personality that exists in reaction to the struggle of the human experience. Through shifting your perspective and finding acceptance for the ways in which life presents your unique material, we can begin peeling back those unconscious layers to reveal your true Self. Through my personal work I am well practiced in distilling objective information out of subjective experiences and connecting points of relevance. 

With my in-depth training I accompany you to uncover, observe and ultimately identify areas in your life calling for transformation. This exploratory process utilizes the skills I have cultivated through my studies to illuminate the perceptions, patterns and traumas that keep you stuck in old, mechanical ways of behaving. The aim of our work together is to instill the ability for you to become a more authentic version of yourself. I operate through spiritual, psychological and physical perspectives, that are accessible, grounded and tailored to your specific needs. 

Psychedelics have the ability to unlock great wisdom within those who choose to venture into the unknown. They can open doors to rooms within your psyche that you may have been avoiding or unaware of; however, it is you that must make the effort of walking through the door. Facing and feeling what is contained in those spaces requires courage, faith, and the will to understand your suffering as well as alchemizing your pain into purpose. The essence of this work is learning to fall with grace, getting back on your feet, and stepping into a sovereign, empowered and fully engaged life. 

In his psychedelic preparation and integration coaching work, he includes methods such as:

  • Acknowledging and utilizing resistance –  Resistance is an energy that we face in all areas of life. It is the denying force that makes us want to quit, or to avoid the challenge of working through feelings or experiences. Through conversation and compassionate inquiry, we will identify how resistance shows up in your life, so that when it does, you can learn to utilize it’s energy and look deeper inside yourself.
  • Self Observation – I will share with you practices and perspectives that you can utilize to become more aware and observant of your inner dialogue, how you energetically engage in the world, and how you view yourself. In order to transform ourselves, we must be able to observe how we are in our current form.
  • Pattern recognition – Patterns present in our lives in many forms. Pattern recognition identifies the energy underneath the playing out of patterns in physical reality. Through conversation grounded in your self observation practices, we will aim to identify the sources of the energies that drive your patterns.
  • Body awareness – I will work with you to connect with your body and develop awareness around what emotions you are holding and where. Many of us spend much of our lives disconnected from our bodies. Through small steps of reconnection, especially with the assistance of Ketamine,  we can develop a stronger, healthier relationship with them.
  • Disidentification – I view the human being as a physical being which consists of a spirit, and a many personalities cultivated through our unique experience. It is these personalities which we often mistake for our True Self, leading us to have negative or false concepts and ideas about who we truly are. Through the process of disidentification, we start to gain clarity on what personality is and what attachments it has in life. By disidentifying, we create space and clear energetic charges that are created through the attachment process.


– Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Washington State University

– Psychedelic Integration and Addiction Recovery Coach certification from Being True to You

– Four years of immersive study in Psychosynthesis 

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