Ketamine For Chronic Pain

How Does Ketamine Help With Chronic Pain?

When our patients experience Ketamine therapy they can enjoy both direct pain relief, as well as long-term results in their chronic pain management.  Additionally, individuals are able to dramatically lower the dosages of other medications, specifically narcotic based, and nerve related medications.  Though down-regulation of pain modulating receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, along with releasing improved amount of neural repair enzymes (BDNF), many patients receive long lasting results! During Ketamine infusion therapy, our patients experience a soothing, euphoric, warming relief, throughout their entire nervous systems.

At NeuroRelief

  • Our specially trained Anesthesiologists MDs customize every single Ketamine infusion to each specific patient.  This allows us to increase our dosing regimens, versus many other providers, to maximize each patient’s experience, and optimize results.
  • Our goal is to provide the maximum benefit from each single dose, while still maintaining the utmost in safety. 
  • Our patients rave about the relief that they receive and while there is never a guarantee of success, we are extremely excited with the results of Ketamine’s ability to treat chronic pain.

You Are NOT Alone

  • Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as pain that lasts longer than six months.
  • These symptoms can be moderate or excruciating, infrequent or constant, mildly inconvenient or totally incapacitating.
  • When chronic pain develops, signals of pain continue to transmit through nervous system for months or even years.
  • The emotional toll of chronic pain also can create a feedback loop that makes pain worse. Anxiety, stress, depression, anger, and fatigue interact in complex ways with chronic pain and may decrease the body’s production of natural painkillers, as well as up-regulate pain inducing neurotransmission.
  • The socioeconomic burden due to chronic pain is enormous and cannot be overestimated.

Before Ketamine:

  • Before Ketamine, a person suffering from chronic pain may feel trapped, unable to enjoy activities of daily living, living in a vicious cycle of pain, medications, low-energy, and depression
  • The emotional toll of chronic pain can be equal to the pain itself.  Patients may withdraw from relationships, family, and the other healthy activities that they theoretically might still be capable of
  • Depression, anxiety, and hopelessness are common emotions attached with chronic pain
  • Constantly increasing requirements for pain medicine, based on our bodies’ rising tolerance, drastically affects quality of life.

With Ketamine:

  • Ketamine directly treats pain, re-wires the nervous system to down-regulate future pain signaling, and resets these pathways to healthy, lower thresholds
  • Additionally, Ketamine treats the emotional components of pain.  Our patients feel empowered to calmly and objectively, process information and thoughts, without the rush of secondary anxieties, negative ruminations, or doubt.
  • Ketamine dramatically reverses our bodies’ tolerance to pain medicines, making them more effective, and giving the opportunity to lower dosages and regain control of one’s life!
  • The Ketamine experience gives each individual, in addition to significant pain relief, the opportunity to self-examine in a euphoric, safe place; to re-work their thought processes in a space that is filled with calm, wellbeing and relief.

How Ketamine Works On Chronic Pain

  • Ketamine infusion is a remarkably and unique and special therapy. In addition to direct pain relief, Ketamine creates a positive restructuring of the neural pathways that control pain sensations.
  • Ketamine acts directly on the NMDA receptor. Not a single other medication directly targets this mechanism. This attenuates, diminishes, and can shorten the pain experience for specific patients.
  • By resetting the NMDA receptors, a patient’s nervous system can begin to revert back to its original state.  This allows patients the ability to experience relief, as well as lower tolerance to other pain medications.  Patients get a second chance!  Imagine being able to remove or lower pain drug dosing, to a time before the body became physiologically dependent on narcotic drugs!
  • Ketamine also acts on the GABA, and K-pain receptors.
  • In other words, through a euphoric, calm, and soothing experience, Ketamine actually reverses our body’s abnormal up-regulation of the pain process, and it gives long-lasting results!

What Happens to Our Nervous System With Chronic Pain?

  • When a patient experiences chronic pain, no matter which type or initial cause, our bodies responds by increasing the NMDA receptors in the brain.
  • This up-regulation furthers the pain cascade by amplifying the sympathetic nervous system to increase pain and sustain that experience for a longer period of time, sometimes permanently.

Ketamine Successfully Treats:

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS, also refereed to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)
  • Stress-induced Arthritic pain
  • Chronic back pain and neuropathy
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Intestinal inflammations (Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis)
  • AND any chronic pain that involves recruitment of the sympathetic nervous system.

At NeuroRelief, we use evidence-based approaches to patient care. Our clients achieve amazing results, gaining newfound relief, confidence and empowerment. We work closely with each person’s existing pain management professional to become an important tool in a multi-faceted treatment approach. We can also assist in arranging referrals to one of our amazing colleagues. We look forward to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

We do NOT provide long term pain management counseling and recommend that patients with chronic pain conditions be seen before and after ketamine therapy with their own pain management specialists.  Continued follow-up with those professionals is vital to allow our therapy to synergize with a patients existing diagnosis and treatment regimen, to promote safe and optimal outcomes for each individual.

Ketamine Cost

Ketamine treatments are very individualized, therefore cost is determined on a case-by-case basis

At NeuroRelief™, the initial treatment plan we recommend for new patients is to come in for 6 infusions over a 3-4 week period of time.  

The recurrent administration of Ketamine during this time provides a consistent application that disrupts the pathological connections that create disharmony in our nervous systems, while simultaneously building and restoring the connections between synapses.

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