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For Providers

At NeuroRelief™, we strive to be a useful tool to each patient’s multifaceted care plan. We team with our partners in psychiatry, psychology, neurology, pain management, and substance abuse recovery in addition to surgeons and primary care providers. Our goal is to serve as a vital resource, integrating with other treatment modalities, to give service to the community.

We fully acknowledge that Ketamine and/or Micronutrient Infusion therapies are not the final, end all be all, to achieving the ultimate healthcare goals for doctors or patients. It takes many professionals, working symbiotically, to achieve positive results. By teaming closely with other professional providers, this synergy seeks to improve the formulation, and integration into, each client’s personal health strategy. Our mission is simple, to help every patient in the best way we can.

We encourage healthcare professionals, of all titles and specialties, to give us the privilege of assisting in your patients’ care. Please let us be of service to you, and your patients, in any way that you deem to be helpful. We would greatly enjoy the opportunity to fully explain our background, procedures, and process of care integration.

We welcome any and all questions that you may have about our services. Thank you in advance for allowing us to provide additional assistance to specific patients in your practices, and look forward to becoming part of your treatment team and/or you contacting us for further information.

Please complete the following referral form for any patients that you believe are interested in, or could possibly benefit from, our services. Please freely utilize multiple applicable “options (for patients with dual diagnosis), and fill in the “brief description” section, to help give us specificity and assist in customizing each patient’s treatment plan.

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