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Affordable Care

affordable mental health care by Neuro Relief Ketamine in Sherman Oaks, CA

Everyone Deserves Care

Our clients deserve to have access to the care that they need, and our clinic respects that there can always be financial stress and obstacles in allowing ourselves the opportunity to heal.

However, by offering several unique options, and by keeping our prices remarkably low (for the full-service approach and attention to detail that each of our clients receive), NeuroRelief™ stands firmly by our commitment to help our clients gain access to our life-altering treatment options.

Interest-Free Financing for up to 15 months!

To support your ability to receive the treatment you need and desire, our clinic has partnered with Advanced Card Card, to provide interest-free financing for up to 15 months, or low APR lines of credit, with this fantastic company . In addition, this program has NO compounding interest.

In other words, clients are NOT hit with a big interest payment on their whole original balance, if there is a remaining balance still owed at the end of the 15-month interest-free period. If any balance remains, there is only a small, nominal APR moving forwards, on the remaining balance, after 15 months interest-free.

Straightforward financing options:

  • 15 months of interest-free financing for our services, with credit approval (
  • NO COMPOUNDING INTEREST during the interest-free period
  • For those with less that great credit, the program also offers low-APR payment plans through
  • We also accept as a secondary financing option
  • Co-signing advantages are also available

Get Insurance Reimbursements with a "Super-Bill"

While insurance companies will not “pre-authorize” for ketamine, NAD+, or PRP therapies, we are able to assist our clients in getting large portions of their treatment reimbursed, after treatment is finished.

The NeuroRelief™ Patient Advocacy Team will assist each and every client in receiving this reimbursement. Our clients will have customized paperwork created on their behalf that documents the precise ICD-10 diagnosis codes, and CPT billing codes for their individual treatment program.

This paperwork is then provided, by our Patient Advocacy Team, to the patient’s insurer. This provides the legal framework to require reimbursement from that insurer. While exact reimbursements vary by client history, and insurance company or plans, we have seen clients with good PPO insurance receive much-needed reimbursement, after care has been delivered.  This service is available to all clients, for a very small fee (usually around $100)

 NeuroRelief™’s Patient Advocacy Team will handle all of this paperwork and insurance submission, and fight for your reimbursement, worry free, for every client.

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