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Consistently rated as one of the top Ketamine treatment providers in Ocean Park, our team at NeuroRelief believes that each patient deserves an individualized treatment; tailored to their specific physiology. Led by our Board-Certified Anesthesiologist team, our physicians provide a concierge-like service by making sure you get the best ketamine treatment experience. Our clients rave about the immediate and lasting relief for their mood and physical well being. Let our physicians and exceptional team give you the care and attention that you deserve. If you or a family member is looking for ketamine treatment in Ocean Park we can help.

Learn More About Ketamine

Ketamine is a safe and effective medication in the treatment of depression, various other mood disorders, as well as chronic pain. Ketamine was first, and still is, an important human general anesthetic agent. It has been used in hospitals for the past five decades and has a proven record of safety. More recently it is being used to treat moderate to severe depression/anxiety, neuropathic pain, and PTSD. The small doses and methods of administration used to treat mental health issues differ greatly from those used in hospitals.

Ketamine is a well-researched, dissociative anesthetic that was approved by the FDA in 1970. Since then, Ketamine has been used extensively for pediatric and adult treatment in surgery, emergency departments, ambulances, trauma medicine, and war zones.  It is a commonly used medication in veterinary medicine. The World Health Organization lists Ketamine as one of the most essential medications due to its therapeutic effects and wide margin of safety.

Over the last decade, Yale University and the National Institutes of Health identified additional benefits of Ketamine in the treatment of mood disorders and chronic pain. The use of Ketamine for depression has been named “the biggest discovery in mental health in decades.” Visit our ketamine treatment location in Los Angeles to learn more.

75%-85% Success Rate with IV Ketamine Treatment

Watch what one of our patients had to say about his journey and experience with ketamine treatment.

Ketamine Is One of The Most Innovative New Treatments

Between 30 and 50 percent of people struggling with depression never respond to common pharmaceutical treatment. For those who do respond to antidepressants, they can require up to eight weeks for the drugs to reach therapeutic effect.

Some patients try several medications concurrently and still, the doses do not provide relief from depression. However, Ketamine infusion therapy works quickly, at times even in a few hours, to produce significant relief from depression symptoms. Most patients get relief within one or two days, even after the first infusion!

Also, the benefits of ketamine include providing quick relief from depression without the unpleasant side effects associated with antidepressant medications. Such side effects with other drugs (known as SSRI drugs) include weight gain, loss of libido, insomnia, dry mouth nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, dizziness, and suicidal tendencies, among others.  So why put up with delayed-onset, partially effective or ineffective outdated drugs with harmful side effects when we can help you right away?

So How Does Ketamine Exactly Work?

Ketamine is known as an NMDA receptor antagonist. Many researchers are still searching for exactly how the medication can affect mood so rapidly and effectively, but what we do know is that ketamine works on glutamate, one of the most numerous neurotransmitters in the body. This increase in glutamate can cause a cascade effect of increased neural activity and communication in the brain. The areas of the brain which have shut down due to over anxiety and depression, are suddenly awakened. Ketamine causes neuroplasticity, or new neural growth, a “rewiring” of the brain believed to play a big part in the lasting anti-depressant effects.

We know that ketamine is not only working on the NMDA receptor, but ketamine is also working on other receptors such as GABA receptors, G protein-coupled receptors, and small effect on cholinergic Mu receptors. Along with reversing neuronal atrophy, ketamine also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Interestingly, the dissociative effects of ketamine are believed to play apart in the healing process as well. When given appropriately and titrated in the right doses by a trained provider, ketamines multiple mechanisms of action create a powerful, effective treatment for a variety of chronic mental illness and pain conditions. Contact us today to learn more about

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