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Ketamine Treatments

We Offer Ketamine Infusions for Depression Anxiety PTSD Migraines Chronic Pain Substance Abuse Recovery

Ketamine, as a medication, has been utilized for over 50 years and is used in a wide variety of medical settings including proven ketamine treatments for depression, neurologic and mood irregularities, chronic pain syndromes, and substance abuse dependency.


Evidence-based ketamine treatments for depression gives patients the fastest results of any known therapy.


Ketamine treatments, along with ongoing therapy to manage anxiety, can help each patient to lessen the impact of anxiety.


Ketamine allows a patient to find peace between their past trauma and their present state of being.


Ketamine is shown to be incredibly effective at decreasing the severity and frequency of migraines by targeting glutamate synapsis.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine acts directly on the NMDA and multiple other receptors. This resets our nervous system to significantly relieve chronic pain.

Substance Abuse

With Ketamine Therapy (and NAD+), our clients can limit or eliminate the physical and psychological craving for alcohol or illicit substances.

Discover How Ketamine Treatment Can Help You