Los Angeles Ketamine Treatments


Ketamine infusion treatment for depression gives patients the fastest results of any known therapy. Evidence suggests that neural connections and pathways begin to heal and reform healthier patterns after just a single treatment.


Ketamine treatments in Los Angeles, along with ongoing therapy to manage anxiety, can help each patient to lessen the impact of debilitating stress and fear brought on by anxiety, encouraging a more satisfactory and productive lifestyle.

Substance Abuse

With Ketamine Therapy, our clients can limit or eliminate the physical craving for alcohol or illicit substances. Alongside a formal recovery process, including group and cognitive behavioral therapy, we are able to provide vital tools to our clients’ journeys.


Ketamine therapy, utilizing the glutamate neurotransmitter, helps the brain to reorganize itself in a healthy manner. Ketamine allows a patient to find peace between their past trauma and their present state of being by uncoupling those past memories from their current physiologic responses.

Chronic Pain

Ketamine acts directly on the NMDA receptor, which no other medication directly targets! This attenuates, diminishes, and can shorten the pain experience for specific patients, reversing our body’s abnormal upregulation of the pain process.


Ketamine is an antagonist at NMDA receptors, blocking the excitatory action of glutamate, a neurotransmitter long implicated in the pathophysiology of migraine. Ketamine is shown to decrease the severity and frequency by this mechanism.

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