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NAD+ Infusion Therapy

What is NAD+?

NAD+ is currently being referred to as the “miracle molecule.” It has been known for many decades as an anti-aging treatment because of the many important roles it plays in promoting health and prolonging lifespan. It is a coenzyme found within our mitochondria, the powerplants of our cells. NAD+ is a proton-transport molecule to facilitate the breakdown of carbohydrates and amino-acids in a reaction call the Kreb’s Cycle. This reaction produces and releases ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), the energy source for all activity within every living cell, including your own!

Scientists believe that this molecule may be the key to unlocking some of life’s most intractable mysteries. Due to NAD+’s ability to re-optimize our cells mitochondrial energy production, clients achieve profound gains in cognitive clarity, increase in mood, increase in natural energy, a feeling of increased capability to do various activities, reinvigoration of muscle tissue, and, yes, significant benefits in hair, skin, nails and joint mobility.

It has shown excellent results in improving symptoms of chronic conditions such as depression, mind-fog, chronic fatigue syndrome, pre-mature ageing, and more. Through these benefits clients feel the potential or receiving a new lease at life and health!

Not only is it essential for mitochondrial function, but more recently, it has been discovered that it is also in involved with DNA repair and epigenetic signaling through its regulation of certain enzymes.

The only way to get a high dosage of NAD+ is through an IV drip. The bioavailability will be 100%, and the body absorbs it extremely well, which results in more energy for you!

Who Is a Good Candidate for NAD+ IV Therapy?

Anyone who suffers from reduced energy levels feels sluggish and fatigued, or feels like their mind is continuously foggy can be a great candidate for this type of IV treatment. Replenishing your body’s NAD+ levels can drastically reduce these types of feelings and provide additional benefits.

People who are struggling with the side effects of aging or who suffer from certain age-related illnesses or chronic conditions are also excellent candidates. However, these infusions can also be beneficial for healthy individuals.

For example, it’s often recommended for athletes who want to enhance their performance and endurance and speed up their recovery times after intense exercise or an injury.

NAD+ Infusion Therapy Improves The Following Conditions:

  • The aging process
  • Athletic performance
  • Anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • “Mind Fog”
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Cravings for drugs and alcohol after detox (PAWS)
  • Early Parkinson’s disease
  • Early Alzheimer’s disease
  • Early dementia
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Other neurodegenerative disorders
  • “Chemo Brain”
  • Low energy levels
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Chronic pain syndromes
  • Migraine headaches
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Autoinflammatory diseases
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Our Clients Experince The Following Benefits:

  • Reduced fatigue/higher energy levels
  • Sharper memory/overall mind function
  • Pain/inflammation relief
  • Better metabolism
  • Improved moods
  • Easier recovery from drug and alcohol dependency
  • Less anxiety/depression
  • Faster recovery from injury/exercise
  • Higher endurance/better physical performance
  • Feeling of youthfulness

What Are The Benefits of NAD+ Therapy?

Enhanced Neurological Function

The brain needs plenty of oxygen, and the breakdown of simple sugars into energy, to do its job and function at its best. Though the brain is small compared to the rest of the body, it eats up about 20% of the body’s entire supply of oxygen and energy!

NAD is an important part of the energy-production equation for the brain. Without enough NAD, the brain’s oxygen requirements can’t be met, and brain function declines. NAD IV Therapy can help increase focus, mental clarity, mood levels and even protect the brain from cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Improves Depression

The physical and emotional side of depression is an important aspect that should not be forgotten. While counseling can help with the emotions in your life, NAD+IV treatment instead focuses on this part by helping patients recover their health before they are fully healed emotionally.

The objective of providing IV NAD+ is to reverse the cellular degeneration that occurs when the body’s stores of NAD+ are exhausted.

Improved Energy Levels

NAD+ is a nutrient that can help keep your body feeling more energetic and give you the energy to get through those tough days.

A coenzyme infusion administered intravenously helps provide the energy your body needs to run on all cylinders.
Aside from enhancing your overall energy, NAD+ also promotes a healthy metabolism. A smoothly-functioning metabolism is an essential part of dealing with weight management and blood sugar level issues.

Slows The Aging Process

Doctors and scientists have been examining the effects of NAD Treatment on aging for many years. Research has established positive results, especially on blood vessels and the cardiovascular system, brain, and nervous system.

NAD+ encourages DNA repair, which generally diminishes with age. Routine maintenance doses of NAD+ have been shown to promote cellular survival and the deterrence of cancer. As the DNA in our cells is copied over and over, it progressively loses the prote.

Weight Loss

NAD IV Therapy plays a role in chemical reactions that can boost metabolism in the body by efficiently converting food into energy.

NAD and metabolism are meticulously intertwined. Of the large variety of metabolic cofactors in the body, NAD ranks as the second most important, tasked with hundreds of metabolic reactions.

Boosting NAD levels, as such, directly affects metabolism, making NAD for energy an important factor for anyone wanting to raise their metabolism.

Sleep Better, Feel Better

According to recent sleep disorder research, more than ⅓ of all adults fail to get enough sleep on a regular basis (7 hours per night)

Attracting evidence reveals the relationship between the molecular balance of the sleep-wake cycle and age-related diseases.

NAD+ levels have a powerful connection with the sleep-wake cycle and age-related health conditions.

Muscle Restoration

NAD enhances blood flow and increases cellular energy levels, which has a positive impact on strength, coordination, and athletic ability.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing NAD+ treatments to keep muscles strong to prevent premature aging or if you’re a young athlete wanting to get the most out of your muscles, NAD can help! This substance will help increase energy levels while improving DNA repair in muscle tissues.

How does NAD+ Infusion Therapy Assist in Substance Abuse/Alcohol Recovery?

NAD+ replacement renews our nerve and muscle cells. NAD+ is a necessary cofactor to improve each cell’s energy and nutrient production.  Drug and alcohol abuse, including prescription medications, can imbalance these vital cells’ ability to function optimally by worsening “oxidative stress.”  This increased oxidative damage depletes NAD+ from the cells, and contributes to the experience of low mood, withdrawals, cravings, mind-fog, muscle aches, chronic fatigue, and other symptoms of nerve/brain and muscle cell dysfunction.  By replacing this lost NAD+, symptoms of withdrawal, both acute and post-acute, are significantly improved.  Detoxing and recovery from drugs/alcohol is a challenging endeavor for anyone.  We want our clients to have the easiest time possible, in making this courageous decision, and maintaining their physical and emotional balance during the following transition period.  The scientific evidence is astounding, and even insurance companies see the value of NAD+ infusion therapy being utilized during recovery from substance abuse.

**** NeuroRelief™ strongly recommends combining NAD+ infusion therapy with one of our ketamine protocols for substance abuse.  The effects are synergistic, and thus highly more effective together, than either modality is on its own.

What Else Can NAD+ Help With?

What To Expect During Your NAD+ IV Therapy Treatment

The NAD IV Therapy process is simple and relaxing. You’re welcome to choose the treatment that best fits your needs, and our team can add in some extra supplements to customize the treatment even further.

Our medical staff is made up of knowledgeable professionals who know how to help you get the results you want from your NAD IV treatment. Treatments can occur anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on dosing.

You are welcome to relax, enjoy our WiFi, hang out with a friend in your private treatment suite, or combine NAD with one of our customized micronutrients and/or ketamine infusion programs for synergistic benefits.

NAD+ is Vital to Cellular Energy Production

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Where does it occur?

Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm of cells, outside of mitochondria

What are the reactants?

Glycolysis requires glucose and 2 ATP to split the glucose molecule, 2 NAD+ that will become electron carrier molecules, and 4 ADP + P that will become 4 ATP

What happens to the reactants?

The 2 ATP are used to split the glucose into 2 pyruvic acids, or pyruvates, and as those pyruvates are formed, 4 ATP are created as well as 2 NADH electron carrier molecules

What are the products?

The 2 pyruvic acids each contain 3 carbon atoms (the original glucose molecule had 6) , and there is a net gain of 2 ATP (2 are invested to split the glucose, and 4 are formed from ADP and P) that the cell can now use as energy, as well as 2 NADH that each carry two electrons and hydrogen to the Electron Transport Chain

What’s next?

If the cell has access to oxygen (aka is in an aerobic environment), then the 2 pyruvic acids will become Acetyl CoA and go inside the mitochondria to perform the Krebs cycle for more ATP


Where does it occur?

The Krebs Cycle occurs in the matrix of the mitochondria

What are the reactants?

The Krebs Cycle uses 2 Acetyl CoA (each with 2 carbons), a 4-carbon acceptor molecule that powers the cycle, 8 NAD+ and 2 FAD that will become electron carrier molecules, and 2 ADP + P that will become 2 ATP, and 6 O2 that provide necessary oxygen (remember, Krebs Cycle is aerobic)

What happens to the reactants?

After the two pyruvic acids is converted to acetyl CoA, 2 carbon dioxide molecules are produced, then the 2-carbon Acetyl CoA attach to the 4-carbon acceptor molecule (one at a time) and go through a cycle where they produce CO2 and electron carrier molecules

What are the products?

In total, 6CO2 are produced by combining the carbons from the pyruvic acids with the oxygen molecules, as well as 8 NADH and 2 FADH2 electron carrier molecules, and 2 ATP that the cell can use for energy
Note: the 4-carbon acceptor molecule does not change and merely returns to its initial state to accept another Acetyl CoA in another round of the Krebs Cycle

What’s next?

All the carbons are now taken care of and have become carbon dioxide, so all that’s left from the initial glucose are the hydrogen atoms and electrons on NADH and FADH2, which go to the ETC for the most energy-rich part of cellular respiration.

Where does it occur?

The ETC occurs in the inner membrane of the mitochondria, within the cristae (folds of the mitochondrion)

What are the reactants?

The ETC uses 10 NADH electron carrier molecules (2 from Glycolysis, 8 from the Krebs Cycle), 2 FADH2 (from the Krebs Cycle), plus the 6 oxygen atoms from the original glucose molecule, and, most importantly, 34 ADP and P that are waiting to be combined by the ATP Synthase (an enzyme that makes ATP)

What happens to the reactants?

The electrons from the electron carrier molecules hop down the electron transport chain and the H+ ions from the electron carrier molecules to go across the inner membrane through active transport, then they charge back out through facilitated diffusion through the ATP synthase

What are the products?

The ETC makes 34 ATP (30 from 10 NADH, 4 from FADH2), returns the electron acceptor molecules (10 NAD+ and 2 FAD) so that they can be used again in cellular respiration, and combines the H+ ions with electrons and oxygen atoms to make 6H2O

What’s next?

Cellular respiration will keep occurring again and again unless the cell runs out of oxygen, in which place it will now perform fermentation to get the energy it needs to move enzymes and other stuff around and stay healthy.

NAD+ Infusion Pricing

All micronutrient infusions = $185 when added onto NAD+ (500mg-1000mg)

RECOVER – 250mg

($350 – when added to an IV ketamine/Micronutrient infusion)

Package of 5: $360 each ($1,800)
Package of 10: $345 each ($3,400)


($650 – when added to an IV ketamine infusion)

Package of 5: $670 each ($3,350)
Package of 10: $640 each ($6,400)

REBIRTH – 1000mg

($1200 – when added to an IV ketamine infusion)

Package of 5: $1240 each ($6,200)
Package of 10: $1180 each ($11,800)

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