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PRP Injections (Platelet-rich Plasma)

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Intramuscular or intra-articular (inside the joint) PRP injections create regenerative healing for many physical ailments and pain syndromes. In PRP processing, we isolate a small part of our own blood content.

This is an ultra-concentrate of stem cell recruitment factors, growth factors, white blood cells, and other regenerative proteins.

This is then combined with our proprietary activation formula, which releases these regenerative proteins into their active form, allowing clients to experience immediate benefits after re-injection.

The success of PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, and how it works

PRP injection for Knee Arthritis: Why platelet rich plasma treatment works

A patient's success with shoulder PRP injections

PRP in Hip Arthritis: Why platelet rich plasma injections work

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection of the Shoulder

PRP Injections are extremely effective for the following conditions:

These injected boosts from our own body’s natural regenerative properties create near-instant improvements in pain relief, healing and repair! Clients typically schedule a treatment series, 4 injection visits over 8 weeks, in order to maximize the results of this remarkable process.

Our PRP Injections

Intra-Articular (inside the joint)
Priced per joint





SI (sacroiliac) joint
(between where the lower back meets the posterior hip)

(Price = per side/limb)

$600 (3 injection points)

Back/Neck (paravertebral)
$500 (3 injection points)

$600 (3 injection points per limb)

Plantar fasciitis

(10% off the treatment series of 4 sessions, when purchased together in full)

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