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The short version: We are MOVING TO L.A. to be closer to this clinic. Yes, they’re THAT good. The longer version: My husband has had CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Type 1 since the end of 2017. CRPS, officially, is “incurable” and “the most painful condition known to medicine.”… read more

Marissa B. Avatar
Marissa B.

NeuroRelief help set me on the right path. I was going through it, addiction, depression, anxiety, you name it, and I went into this clinic and came out of the full treatment feeling much more motivated, grateful, and optimistic. Not only do they have excellent ketamine treatment, but they have… read more

Arturo H. Avatar
Arturo H.

Please do yourself a tremendous favor and give yourself a wonderful gift by getting help from NeuroRelief. I’ve been having incredible breakthroughs and have discovered access to grounds I didn’t even know existed. The clarity I am getting and the clear terrific changes to my nervous system have been invaluable…. read more

Josh R. Avatar
Josh R.

I came to NeuroRelief and ketamine therapy for hypervigilance and migraine. The infusions themselves were a bit challenging for me as I struggle with control/hypervigilance issue. This is definitely a practice where you have to relinquish that hold. In that way the infusions themselves were like a bit of CBT… read more

Crystal C. Avatar
Crystal C.

Dr. Harris and his Neurorelief clinic is a 5 star operation and experience. From the initial phone call where I was provided clear and concise information from Casey, the office manager, to the timely phone calls from Dr.Harris, who personally answered questions and alleviated concerns, to meeting the skilled nurses,… read more

Courtney Avatar

I had a wonderful experience! I’ve been sleeping like a baby since. The office staff is EXCELLENT, the facility is beautiful and spotless and Dr. Harris is very knowlegeable. My only recommendation is that On-boading process be streamlined to a YouTube video to be viewed before the treatment. Attempting to… read more

Barbara S. Avatar
Barbara S.

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