Testimonials From Our Amazing Patients

I have dealt with chronic pain and depression for the past 15 year. I've tried nearly every SSRI medication along with therapy without any true success. They made me feel medium without any highs and lows in life. I still went through life waiting for each day to end so I could crawl back in bed. My psychologist told me about Dr.Harris at NeuroRelief and the use of ketamine for my issues. I gave Dr. Harris a call and instantly knew I was in great hands. After six sessions I am amazed and excited at the positive effect, even from the first infusion treatment. I never thought that this heavy load I've been carrying around could be addressed so quickly. I have a different positive perspective on life now and the negative thoughts have subsided. I feel like I can open my eyes to see the world I've been avoiding/missing. This is truly a miracle treatment and encourage anyone with questions to contact Dr. Harris at NeuroRelief. He is an excellent doctor and what an truly amazing experience.

Bret Bunde

Dr. Harris is one of the most caring and attentive doctors I've met. You can tell he truly loves what he does and takes a personal interest in his patients. Ketamine therapy is one of the most incredible experiences with the best results I've ever seen. Highly recommend Ketamine infusion therapy, and NeuroRelief is without a doubt the best clinic to go to.

Chris G.

My first experience treating my anxiety and depression with Ketamine at the NeuroRelief Infusion center was extremely positive. Dr. Harris is incredibly knowledgeable, and he made me feel relaxed with the process. The office was clean and the furniture was new and very comfortable. He checked in on me until the drug took effect. After the approximate 60 minute treatment my mood immediately improved and my mental well being remained upbeat. I highly recommend speaking with Dr. Harris and taking advantage of the great service this clinic provides.

Dave T.

Being an avid runner and cyclist, living with Crohn's disease means frequent trips to my PCP, Gastroenterologist and a never ending battle with electrolyte imbalances. Dr. Harris' micro-nutrient IV therapy has been an invaluable tool in reducing muscle cramps and spasms and I would highly recommend to anyone that has to face similar challenges!

Justin C.

Dr. Harris made me feel at home. He truly cares and I knew from the moment we initially spoke, I can trust him. Meeting him, he made me feel comfortable and has a very smooth process in his clinic. Thank you so much Dr. Harris. I feel the best I have felt in a very long time.

Barret E.

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