The Ketamine Experience

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Led by our Board-Certified Anesthesiologist team, we provide the most effective doses of IV Ketamine, safely. 75% to 80% of our patients notice a change after the first couple infusions.  The majority of our patients report positive changes after the very first treatment. 

Our physicians provide an individualized, concierge-like service by making sure you get the best experience, from the moment you reach out to us, to the IV placement, to the post-infusion interview.  We also have referral relationships with an excellent tier of psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, and pain management specialists, in order to offer a full therapeutic approach.

At NeuroRelief, we believe that each patient deserves an individualized treatment; tailored to their specific physiology.  Our infusions are not hand prepared until AFTER your evaluation and discussion with an anesthesiologist.  Those discussions continue before and after each round of treatment. With each following visit, a patient’s dosing regimen is increased, as tolerated. Our expertise has demonstrated that the most effective results are obtained via the dissociative, psychedelic experience.

Our Focus

To help you feel like your best self again

Our Mission

At NeuroRelief, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality experience to our clients.  Our staff of consummate professionals will guide you through every phase of your time in our care.  From the moment you contact us for information on our services, through our life-altering ketamine and/or micronutrient therapies, we insure that every client is treated like family.  Our staff and physicians will follow up with you before, during and after every visit with us, to make sure that all your questions, concerns, and personal needs will be met in a timely and complete manner. 

What Do Our Ketamine Infusion Therapies Feel Like?

  • As a patient’s infusion begins, a patient will slowly feel a warm-floating sensation begin to present itself.
  • Each patient has to the opportunity to guide the course of their experience.  With each following treatment, an individual will become increasingly empowered to concentrate the focus of their session on the specific cause of their need for therapy.
  • In a safe, comfortable manner, each person is able to reflect upon their own thought processes as if they were, themselves, an outside, observer to their own consciousness.
  • This dissociative journey allows each person to perform a “therapy session within themselves.”  Our patients emerge from their ketamine experiences with newfound understanding, comfort, and empowerment to take control of their daily life.
  • For our chronic pain patients, the goal is pain relief.  And for the vast majority of our clients, ketamine allows them to achieve major inroads towards that end.  In addition to all of the above mentioned sensations, our clients report a warm, soothing sensation throughout their nervous systems.
  • Their individual aches, pains, and especially neuropathic sensations, ease, calm, and begin to fade further and further into the background.
  • With each following ketamine therapy, the intensity of each clients painful concern often decreases significantly.  Combined with management from their primary pain management professionals, our patients can achieve major gains towards relief of their pain symptoms.
  • Clients suffering from substance abuse withdrawal syndromes can expect to see their cravings and physical and emotional dependency significantly reduced after just one infusion. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

  • Perhaps one of the most exciting facts of about Ketamine is that it only has little to no side effects!
  • We use low-dose, slowly injected Ketamine that does NOT have the side effects that are associated with other commonly prescribed antidepressants.
  • During treatment, some patients may experience mild confusion, lucid daydreaming, fuzzy vision, or nausea — these symptoms rapidly dissipate once the treatment is over.  Just to be safe, patients are not to drive home after treatment.
  • Our clients describe their IV Ketamine treatments as “very pleasant”.

Ketamine Gives The Fastest Relief Of Any Known Therapy!

  • Many patients report IMMEDIATE effects of relief, and others find these improvements after or during subsequent infusions.
  • These improvements include empowerment, increased productivity, more energy, a decrease in the vicious cycle of negative thoughts, gaining new progress towards pain relief, and improved optimism in their daily lives.
  • In addition to these accomplishments, our chronic pain patients experience decreased pain scores, improved mobility, and increased feelings of potential in their lives.
  • Our patients report amazing, life-altering results, stating that their ketamine therapy opened a new chapter to their existence; that they can now go back to “living their lives!”

What Are The Steps Of Your Infusion Process?

  • Upon arrival at NeuroRelief, you will meet directly with one of our doctors.  They will discuss your physical and mental health history, and spend as much time as necessary to answer any, and all, questions that you may have.
  • An initial dose will be decided that takes many factors into effect: body weight, medical history, current medications, age, sex, and many other factors.  Each following infusion will have the dose adjusted, and often increased, depending upon your response to the previous therapy.
  • Each infusion lasts for approximately either 60 mins (for depression/PTSD/anxiety) or 2-3 hours (for chronic pain/migraines).
  • You will remain in your street clothes throughout the process, unless you desire to change, in which case, sterile scrubs will be provided.
  • After placement of a tiny IV in an arm vein, in one of our pristine, private, and comfortable treatment rooms, your infusion therapy will commence.
  • You will NEVER receive a ketamine therapy with another patient.
  • As your Ketamine experience begins you will feel relaxed, mildly euphoric, and often experience a very calm, dissociative feeling, described as a “therapy session with yourself”.  Some will experience a mild, pleasant, psychedelic experience.  We have found this is an important indicator that the dosing is appropriate and effective.
  • You will be constantly monitored for oxygenation, blood pressure and heart rhythm.  A health professional will monitor you constantly during your journey, and we will seek to disturb you as little as possible during your experience, so that the therapy is most effective.
  • To maximize your peaceful experience, noise cancelling blue-tooth headphones with mild music (you may bring your own if desired), and a luxury eye-mask will be provided for total relaxation. This sensory deprivation maximized the therapy’s success.

After Your Infusion

  • When the infusion ends you will begin to feel like your normal self within minutes.
  • After your infusion period, we welcome patients to continue to relax in their treatment room.
  • As Ketamine levels will still be peaking in the bloodstream at that time, another 30-90 minutes of continued relaxation is recommended, to maximize the therapeutic effect.
  • Your IV will also be painlessly removed.  Our doctor will then sit with you to discuss you experience in detail.

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